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Most insurance companies have revised their agreements which requires their repair partners to work for discounted pricing and concessions. These agreements dictate what type of parts must be used in repairing your vehicle such as salvage (junk yard), aftermarket or remanufactured as well as directing where to purchase these parts.

We feel that this agreement jeopardizes the safety and quality of your repair and as a result have choose not to participate in any of them.

While America's Autobody maintains strong relationships with all insurance companies. Contrary to what they might state, you should not have to pay anything additional beside your deductible to have your car repaired here.

Remember, although they may tell you otherwise, NO insurance company can warranty the repairs, only the shop that performed them can. Even at body shops on the "list", your insurance company is not accepting the liability for the quality and safety of your vehicle's repair.

Our History

America's Auto Body is located in Schaumburg, IL, a suburb of Chicago. The company was founded in 1980 with the goal of enhancing and delivering true automotive repair through the use of cutting-edge technology.

The president of America's Auto Body, Jerry Wattron, has been in the auto body industry for over 35 years. His inspiration came from his knowledge of the body shop industry and his passion for customers.

Jerry and staff understand the importance of good customer satisfaction and quality products. This is exactly why America's Auto Body subscribes to the services of the ACRB, an independent third part consumer company. With the understanding of the industry and the backing of the ACRB, America's Auto Body is continuing to set the standard in the collision industry.

Our Mission

We have the basics down pat

Our shop realizes that a quality product is the starting point for our service success. We grasp the fact that no amount of extras, special touches, or fancy packaging will overcome the limitations of a mediocre repair.

We believe quality drives profit

Our shop starts with quality, not cost, in evaluating the effectiveness of our operations. We believe that if the quality is there in good measure, the profits will be there too when it's time to balance the books.

We know our customers.

We are virtually obsessed with understanding the customer interface of the shop and making sure we are in tune with the customer's needs, attitudes, perceptions, values, and buying motivations. We continually review the research from the ACRB into customer perceptions and make sure our key people understand the implications of this data.

We have a "whatever it takes" attitude

We focus on solving the customer's problem and meeting the customer's needs, not on just doing the day's work. We are willing to do the unusual when it's warranted. We are willing to bend the rules occasionally and to give in to the customer from time to time when it's appropriate to the situation.

We recover skillfully from the inevitable blunders

We do not brush the customer off or give him or her the runaround, and when something goes wrong we fix it, instead of pointing fingers at one another. We know there will be the inevitable mistakes, slip-ups, and downright screw ups. We recognize that successful recovery from a malfunction can have a huge impact on the customer's perception and on word-of-mouth referral.

Service happens inside the shop as well as outside

Our employees who may never see customers accept their responsibilities to contribute to the ultimate moments of truth that make up the repair. We focus on making an important contribution to the total process of serving the customer.

We see our employees as a helper and supporter

Over and above the responsibility to set direction, establish priorities, and make decisions, employees in our shop see themselves as charged with the mission of enabling everyone to serve our customer's effectively.

We are perpetually unsatisfied with our performance

We are constantly looking for ways to improve or refine our service. We measure and evaluate our quality on an ongoing basis and look for areas that may need attention. However effective we might be, we are never willing to accept the status quo.