OEM vs. Aftermarket Parts & How They Affect Safety

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OEM vs. Aftermarket Auto Safety

First, you should understand the key difference between OEM and aftermarket parts, which is who makes them. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, which is the company who makes the exact parts that were used on your vehicle when it was first made. Companies other than the original equipment manufacturer make aftermarket parts, and this key difference is important because it ties together all of the reasons replacement auto parts absolutely affect your vehicle’s safety once it’s repaired. America’s Auto Body in Schaumburg, IL only uses OEM parts because your safety is our top priority.

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OEM vs. Aftermarket: Structural Elements

OEM vs Aftermarket Structural Safety

Manufacturers, such as Honda for example, have a precisely engineered frame, which has to meet exact, rigorous standards. OEM parts already meet these standards since the original manufacturer makes them. Companies who make aftermarket parts might not use the proper materials because they don’t provide the same levels of oversight and quality control. They build parts for any vehicle, not just yours. Continuing with the Honda ACE™ Body Structure example, it’s designed to absorb and distribute energy from a collision throughout the frame in order to keep impact from reaching the cabin and protect passengers. Although aftermarket parts used to repair the ACE™ Body Structure are cheaper and they fit, they might not deflect energy properly, putting passengers at risk.

OEM vs. Aftermarket: Airbags & Deployment

OEM vs. Aftermarket Airbags

Specifications for each model vary from year to year, and with that so do parts necessary for optimal safety. Every car has sensors that send data to the control unit, which reads and communicates to the appropriate airbags. If a system part is replaced by a generic aftermarket part, the risk of injury is increased because aftermarket parts can affect the airbags performance. Airbag deployment time, whether it deploys at all, and how the controller reads data from the sensors are risks that come with using aftermarket parts. Make sure you and your passengers are protected by allowing the technicians at America’s Auto Body in Schaumburg, IL to repair your vehicle with OEM parts.

OEM vs. Aftermarket: Safety Components & Technology

OEM vs. Aftermarket Safety and Technology Components

As cars, trucks, and SUVs become more autonomous, their safety systems and key components make them more complex. It’s more important now than ever to use OEM parts to repair your vehicle in order to ensure your systems work without a hitch. Since aftermarket parts are built via reverse engineering, they lack the precision involved with building OEM parts; affecting the way they function, they could take your vehicle’s safety rating from five stars to four. Once again, putting you and your passengers at risk.

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