Frequently Asked Questions

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At America’s Auto Body we adhere to the highest collision repair standards and integrity of any body shop in the Northwest suburbs of Chicagoland.

With our elevated standards, we can safely say that other shops cannot contend with our level of service and professionalism.

That is because our only focus is the safety of our customers, not the cost of your repair. That’s because America’s Auto Body will fix your car the safest way and not as cheaply as possible for fear of any insurance company retaliation.

Simply put. We care. Our technicians are highly trained and certified. The owner of our local body shop is in the office every morning at 5:00am. We are an independently owned collision repair center. Our owner (Jerry) is unlike most owners – he cares about your satisfaction and wants you to feel safe in your car after the repair.

Most of all, we are a local business. We are Schaumburg and Chicago’s northwest suburbs largest and oldest independent auto body shop. We are not publicly traded, owned by private equity or part of an insurance company discount repair program. This allows us to look out for you!

We take pride in investing our profits back into our local body shop and the incredibly talented America’s team members.

Our standards are visible the moment you walk into America’s Auto Body. We invite you to come and tour our state-of-the-art repair facility, and see for yourself.

Our focus is on our customers. That is why we have Enterprise rent-a-car service on site when you drop your repair off with America’s Auto Body.

Remember, your insurance transfers to the rental-car, therefore we won’t attempt to up-sell you to purchase rental car insurance. This is just another way that we look out for our customers at America’s Auto Body.

For only one reason, to save themselves money.

Collision repair shops that count on business from certain insurance companies have a tendency to do whatever it takes to repair your car in the cheapest way possible. They may use junk yard parts, aftermarket parts, or parts that have been in an accident before. This may have massive effects on the integrity of your repair, which ultimately, puts you at risk, which is a gamble some auto repair shops are willing to take.

Whether the auto accident was your fault or not, we will try our best so you pay no money out of your pocket for the cost of the repairs. Most auto body shops focus on satisfying the Insurance Company, and lose focus on the customer. These collision centers try to repair your automobile as cheaply as possible. Make sure to take that into consideration when choosing a repair facility. Do not focus on which body shop is the cheapest.

America’s Auto Body is not that shop. We are a shop that looks out for you and America’s Auto Body’s highly trained technicians use only manufacturer certified repair procedures and adhere to the highest standards. The collision repair will cost you no more than what you should pay with America’s Auto Body – that is a promise.

Plainly, we find they often don’t look out for your safety first. Statistically you only need an auto body shop once every twelve to fifteen years. That is why you need someone on your side, like us, America’s Auto Body!

At America’s Auto Body, we pick you, our customers – every time!

If the damage was caused by the other driver, then their insurance company pays for fixing your car.

If the damage is your fault, then you only pay your deductible ($500 in most cases).

However, if the insurance company wants to use junk yard parts or any other parts other than new original equipment purchased from nearby dealerships, we will call you to see if you want to pay the difference.