Repair Services

When you need someone to bring your vehicle back to its former luster and performance, America’s Auto Body has got the expertise, the technology, and the certifications needed to ensure a quick and smooth repair process.

Our collision repair shop has received the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals certification, which makes us one of the most qualified automotive collision repair shops in the region. We can repair any make and model car, including (but not limited to): Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Hyundai, Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Lincoln, BMW, Nissan, GMC, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Volkswagen and Infiniti.

Our technicians are also certified by the following automotive brands:

Our Process

America’s Auto Body is a collision center that prides itself on efficiency, which is why we have broken down our repair process into four steps that ensure quality service and convenience.

Body Work

To bring a vehicle back to its manufacturer-approved state, we have to take a closer look inside, which is why vehicle disassembly is an integral part of our auto body repair process. Disassembling the vehicle allows us to conduct a thorough analysis and note if any additional repairs are necessary due to any underlying issues.

We will remove all cumbersome parts such as the outer sheet metal panels, interior, panels, trim and bumper covers if necessary, to further assess the damage, especially to the inner uni-structure. Supplemental damage is written by a service writer and technician, after which we will notify you and your insurance company of the additional work needed to complete the repair.

Our technicians will also plan for the structural repairs for the unibody of the car by taking accurate damage assessments and removing more parts if necessary. Your vehicles will then be moved to our unibody repair equipment where it will be straightened to correct any dimensional inaccuracies caused by the collision.

Paint Work

Our body paint service is a three-step process consisting of preparation, priming, and finally painting. We will prime the new panels and paint them ahead of installation, and then apply the necessary corrosion protection.

The vehicle is primed using an acid etching rust-inhibiting primer. Your vehicle is then water-block sanded using progressively finer sanding grits to produce a smooth surface that’s free of any irregularities.

Our experts will then pressure wash the vehicle to remove any contaminants that may hinder the quality of paint application. Lastly, the areas are taped and masked off. We then clean the vehicle again, blowing any dust off with compressed air. After this, we place the car inside a downdraft paint booth where the vehicle will be painted.

Vehicle Reassembly

Our auto body repair technicians will then install all interior panels, trim, moldings, mirrors and we will proceed to align the vehicle and recharge the air conditioning if necessary.

Finally, we’ll reattach the body parts, reconnect all electrical wiring, and reattach all sensors, lights and computer systems per the manufacturer’s specifications. If necessary, we’ll also take the car to the dealership to ensure everything is returned to manufacturer specifications.

Completion of Repair

The last step in our process is when we perform a final quality control inspection of the vehicle, before taking the vehicle on a pre-delivery test drive. This comprehensive inspection process ensures that your vehicle leaves our auto body repair shop in top shape.

And don’t worry, all workmanship performed by America’s Auto Body is guaranteed for as long as you own the car. Our Limited Lifetime Warranty covers parts, material, and the labor.

Our certified collision repair center adheres to the most rigid standards of quality. In addition, you will receive a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty on our work. You will also receive a Registered Lifetime Warranty certified by the Automotive Customer Relations Bureau (ACRB).